What is Pipe Lining?

Most assume that replacing pipes are the only solution to repair wear and damage.  However, at New Pipes Inc. we are constantly searching for different and innovative solutions that can benefit you.  Pipe lining is the latest technology for pipe restoration.  Not only is this a cost-effective solution, but it also allows skilled technicians to restore damaged pipes with little excavation work.  Although the pipe lining strategy can be performed instead of pipe replacement, it is crucial that you speak to a professional plumber to decide which is more cost effective and within your budget.

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Benefits of Pipe Lining

  • Save Money & Time on Excavation Work

  • Prevents Future Tree Root Intrusion

  • Repairs Cracked or Damaged Pipes

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Our Pipes Lining Process

damaged pipes that need pipe lining service
  • Perform Video Camera Inspection

    Video camera inspections are used to detect signs of root intrusions made from nearby trees, offset pipes, blockage, and other sources of damaged pipes. 

cleaning pipes will allow better access for pipe lining job
  • Clean Pipe Line

    After a thorough inspection, we perform a pipe cleaning process.  This helps clear any debris that may be obstructing our view or that could be causing harm to the rest of your unit.   

process of pipe lining service
  • Pipe Lining Process

    Once the pipes have been cleared, we insert an epoxy-based liner and is inflated to get an even lining in the line. After the liner is set into place. It has to cure.

finished product of pipe lining
  • Final Inspection

    After the lining has cured, the bladder used to inflate the liner is removed. One last video camera inspection is performed. Restored pipes could last for another 50 years.