5 warning signs that your pipes maybe rusting and need a repipe

5 Pipe Rusty Pipes & Repiping Signs

Copper piping is installed into over 80% of American buildings. It is the preferred type of piping than the older iron-based pipes. Iron-based pipes after a while start to develope pipe rust and create issues for homeowners and property managers. Here are a couple of things to look out for to detect:

#1 Discoloration

If you run your tap and it is starting to look reddish or brown, that is a sign that your pipes may be accumulating a lot of pipe rust. Rusty pipes can make pipes more susceptible to eroding and may cause frequent leaks. Pipe Rust can leave a district stain on your toilets, skins and shower/baths. Early signs of rust can also be tasted. If you drink from your tap and taste a metallic taste, then stop drinking it. Rusty pipes can poison the water making it bad for your health. If you are experiencing discoloration, we recommend calling your local plumber and have them run a few water tests.

#2 Health Problems

Sometimes you may not be able to see first-hand discoloration or other signs. For example, property managers who do not reside in the apartment or the community may experience an increase of ill tenants. Older pipes contain many different metals. If ingested in large amounts, these decaying pipes can make people violently ill and open the door for liability issues. It is best not let it get to that point, we recommend having your local plumber inspect your pipes at twice a year for older pipes.

#3 Unusual Odors

Since your pipes are within the wall of your home, odors are something you can not ignore. If you smell an odd odor in the walls of your home, you should have it checked out. Odd smells can also come from your tap or toilet water. Call your plumber immediately to avoid health issues from decaying pipes.

#4 Low Water Pressure

If you are experiencing low water pressure, it may be due to rusty pipes. Pipe rust, left untreated, can essentially close off the pipes. Thick layers of rust can also flake off and deposit in other areas thus damming the water flow. This can cause a significant decrease in water pressure. Owner of New Pipes Inc, Rob Dobkins explain it quite well in the video below:

#5 Frequent Leaks

If you are experiencing frequent leaks on your property in different locations, it’s probably time to repipe. When it has come to this, your pipes are damaged beyond repair and it is time to repipe. If your home or property has been using iron-based pipes, then it is time to migrate over to either copper pipes or PEX pipes.

pipe rust


Do you think your home has pipe rust?

If you are experiencing any of the issues listed above. We recommend meeting with a plumber to determine what is the best course of action. Many of the times it may only require a simple partial repipe job. If you are in the Paso Robles area or Central Coast, we are more than happy to assist you in diagnosing any issues with your current piping situation.

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  1. That’s a good point that decaying pipes can cause health issues. My husband and I noticed that we’ve had some odd odors coming out of our pipes. We’ll have to have a plumber check it out and see if we need to do any repiping.

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