10 Things You Shouldn’t Flush Down the Toilet

10 Things You Shouldn’t Flush Down the Toilet

Overview: 10 Things You Shouldn’t Flush Down the Toilet

As we live very busy lives, sometimes we do not have the time to properly dispose of everything. Sometimes flushing the wrong thing down the toilet can lead to a bigger issue down the road. If you are trying to save money, you shouldn’t flush these 10 things down the toilet.

10. Kitty Feces

With or without kitty litter on it, kitty feces is not for the toilet. According to SF Gate, cat waste may contain a parasite that can affect marine life. Sewage treatment facilities can not filter out the brain-damaging parasite.

9. Pills

Although flushing your old pills down the toilet won’t give you a fine, but it does have its environmental impacts. Sewage systems can not separate medication from the water. This allows these chemicals to appear in our oceans. Here are some tips to get rid of your old medicines according to the California State Board of Pharmacy:

  1. Keep it in its original container and remove the patient information.
  2. Place a bit of water and a substance (such as kitty litter, charcoal, dry spices or sawdust) to make it unusable.
  3. Apply duct tape around it completely and place it in the garbage bin near the time of garbage pickup.

Another option is taking it to your local pharmacy that participates in the Pharmacy Take-Back Program. There are many alternatives to get rid of old pills than flushing down the toilet.

8. Hair

Just like hair in the shower drain, it doesn’t go down too easily. Hair can get hooked onto nearly anything. Once it gets hooked, it’s there to stay. Hair doesn’t dissolve into water. Do not recommend cutting hair or shaving over the toilet. Also, think twice about what to do with the hair you pulled out of your hairbrush.

7. Diapers

Not even newborn diapers are safe. Diapers are extremely absorbent and will expand once placed in water. There is a bigger change that once it hits the toilet, one would have to fish it out because it won’t be able to flush. One can only imagine the damage it can do when expanding in smaller pipes.

6. Small Toys

One of the most frequent plumbing calls we get from residential calls is due to little children flushing their toys. Sometimes children drop toys into the toilets and parents just flush it because who would want to stick their hand in a toilet? It is sometimes better to fish it out than to pay the plumbing bill.

5. Industrial Cleaners (Too Often)

Cleaning products are generally safe to use. It is when it is being overused, it can pose a problem. Harder chemicals are designed to take out tough residue. If there is no residue to remove, then it may start to eat away at your pipes.

4. Paper Towels

Although they look similar to toilet paper, they are very different. Paper towels are becoming more and more durable. This makes them not as easy to dissolve in water like toilet paper and shouldn’t be flushed.

3. Deceased Small Pets

It is a tragic moment when the family fish kicks the bucket. Traditionally, we would like to pay our respects around the toilet to say a final farewell to our beloved goldfish. Sometimes its best to take 20 minutes to find a spot in the backyard and bury them.

2. Feminine Products

Just like diapers, they have absorbent properties that cause them to expand when in contact with water. They also do not have the ability to dissolve like toilet paper. This can cause pipes to get clogged.

1. Baby Wipes

Although many brands claim to be “flushable” but only if they are not used as for every bathroom break. Wipes do not dissolve as fast as toilet paper and shouldn’t be flushed. Furthermore, it is important to pay attention to the “DO NOT FLUSH” labels.

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