10 Reasons Why Your Commercial HVAC Unit Needs Replacement

Summertime in the Bay Area can be brutal.  If your air conditioning unit is unreliable even after trying to fix it, you can benefit from a replacement.  However, there are a few signs that will let you know when your commercial HVAC unit needs replacement.  Handling commercial units can differ from residential in several ways which is why it is crucial you always have a certified commercial technician work on your unit.  At New Pipes Inc. we work with a variety of different managers and owners to assess their HVAC unit.  We specialize in working with commercial office spaces/ building, HOA communities, apartment complexes and residential homes.

In this article

We will go over some of the signs you should look out for in an HVAC unit that needs replacement.  Often, as managers/ owners of multiple properties, it can be difficult to determine some of the signs.  Keep these signs handy in your office for a quick reference.  If you are ever unsure, we provide free HVAC inspections that you can take advantage of.  We want you to be comfortable this Summer, so look out for these warning signs.

Determine when your commercial HVAC unit needs replacement:

  1. Inconsistent or lack of airflow

Lack of airflow could mean several clogs and poor performance.  Obviously, this is a clear sign that there is something wrong.  Your unit should be able to blow out the cold air within minutes of being on.  If this is a consistent issue that arises, and you must frequently unclog it, you could be wasting hundreds of dollars.  At this point, you could benefit from a replacement unit.

  1. How old is your current commercial unit?

Older units, while they may seem reliable.  And while this is true, much of the older units are meant to last for a very long time this isn’t always the best thing.  Older units can pose several disadvantages to offices or buildings.  Not all old commercial units need replacements, however, there are some that are doing more harm than good.  A commercial HVAC unit needs replacement if it is older than 10 years, you want to ensure that your unit is always the most energy efficient.

  1. Notice in an increased energy bill

An old, unmaintained unit can leave your energy bill through the roof.  While regular maintenance can keep your HVAC from overworking, many HVAC units that have consistent problems can cause a higher energy bill.  Most older units can pose this problem as well.  Updating your unit can save your property hundreds, not to mention the tax benefits for updating your commercial HVAC system.

  1. It is costing more to fix/ maintain it

Maintenance comes with owning commercial units, however, over time, this can cause a serious dent in your budget.  Constant repairs can add up at the end of the year.  Instead of making those repairs, you could be better off with a replacement.  Units that tend to break down can result in emergency services and extra fees.  You will be needing something a bit more reliable for your community.

  1. Does R22 sound familiar?

R22 refrigerant is a certain chemical that makes the air cold in your air conditioner.  This chemical is very useful for this purpose, but over time scientists discovered that this chemical was doing serious harm to the Earth’s ozone layer.  An article just did a fantastic job writing about how R22 is affecting HVAC units in the US. “The cost of R22 is dramatically increasing because of the declining supply, and new refrigerant will no longer be available for use at all after 2020, with the exception of recycled quantities.” To read more about R22 Freon visit the article here.

  1. Moisture Buildup

It is crucial to avoid any moisture buildup; however unmaintained units can develop this problem over time.  This can lead to leaks and can potentially be dangerous to inhabitants.  Not to mention if the problem persists you could have a potential mold problem later.

  1. Loud Noises

The last thing you want is a loud commercial HVAC unit that sends out unruly noises.  Your unit should be quiet and smooth running.  Loud banging and unusual sounds will disrupt the workplace or the ambiance of your building.

  1. Complaints

Even though your HVAC unit will receive the most complaints during Summer and Winter, it is important to listen.  Complaints can get more heated if they aren’t addressed.  Unfortunately, no manager wants to deal with complaints, however, they are a good indicator to tell you that it may be time for a replacement.

  1. Foul Smells

As a building manager or a community manager, the last thing you need is your unit stinking up the place.  However, smells do not always mean replacement.  It can be caused by a numerous of things.  Musty/ smoky smelling unit deserve immediate attention.

  1. Some rooms aren’t cooled

Your unit can work perfectly, however, if it doesn’t have enough power to reach all your offices or rooms, you could be in major trouble.  You may have to find a replacement that is able to fit your building’s needs to the fullest.

At New Pipes Inc. we specialize in working with commercial and residential HVAC units.  Our team makes sure that you will be replacing an HVAC system that needs replacing.  We value your time and will not recommend services that your community or building does not need.  If you think that your commercial HVAC unit needs replacement, call us to set up a free inspection.

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  1. Thank you for the heads up that stinking commercial HVAC systems should always be a cause for alarm. Should Dad turn the old building in town into a mall, it’s best to have a new HVAC system installed because the one currently in place already coughs up musty, dusty air. It wouldn’t be good for a commercial establishment to have faulty, foul-smelling units that could only drive customers away.

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